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2018 Contacts:

To get more information or to enter a club or a team or just as an individual,
you are very welcome to make contact with me

Dick Conroy
Mobile: 087 250 3543


Format for 2018

It will be open to Clay Clubs and Game Clubs, and there is no charge for being part of the League or for entering a team.

It is open to beginners and improvers at clay shooting and it is also open to game shooters who want to hone their shooting skills in the off-season.

If you are looking for a clay shoot where there is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and where you will get coaching on the stand as you shoot, from experienced shooters, then this League is for you.

It is based on Sporting Shooting and the standard for targets are designed to be softer than at an ICTSA Registered Shoot. It is usually run over 50 birds.

All safety rules are fully applied and adhered to.
Wearing of Eye and Ear Protection is compulsory.

It is open to all licenced shotgun holders.

As participants become more skilled and confident, the aim is for them to move towards participation in Registered 100 Bird Shoots and join the ICPSA, if they are not already members.

The entry fee at each event is 15 Euro for ICTSA members and 20 euro for non-ICTSA members or lapsed ICTSA members. There are no restrictions on the number of times the 20 Euro entry can be availed of in the year.
Juniors(non-ICTSA) 5euro, Juniors (ICTSA) = zero euro

Start and Finish Dates:
Starting in April and finishing in September.
Over the Summer months it is planned to use Saturdays and Sundays and perhaps Wednesday evenings to run some of the events.
A later start in the year, gets past most of the bad weather (hopefully)
and a longer season reduces the pressure of having to attend 3 Sundays in a row,
more relaxed , more enjoyable.

The first League event will be in Bray on 15th April 2018.

Facebook: Leinster League Clay Target Shooting

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Membership of the ICTSA can now be done online on www.ICTSA.IE

Prizes 2017 Year:

Top Individual Prize: Rizzine U/O Shotgun - won by Seamus Boylan

Club Prizes: 300, 200, 100

Other Individual Prizes: Thousands of cartridges divide up over Classes and based on Handicaps to ensure a level playing field for beginners and less experienced people.

Introductory Days and Open Days:
Introductory Days or Open Days will also be a major feature of the League in 2017.
The League ran one Open Day in 2014, 2015 and 2016, which were a great success.
This year, the ICTSA has given special authorization for up to Seven Open / Introductory Days which can be at ICTSA or non-ICPSA grounds.

Possibilities: (Endless)
The League has always been a feeder event for the introduction of new people to the ICTSA, ever since it was established by people like Des Foley, a former Chairman of the ICTSA, and others, back in 1979.

Being part of the ICTSA affords a person the opportunity of entry to increasingly higher levels of competition across multiple shooting disciplines, not just Sporting, like DTL, ABT, Skeet, FITASC, COMPAK, Olympic Sheet and Olympic Trap, to mention but a few.

Many of the people who started shooting the League many years ago, have since shot on International Teams for Ireland, and who knows there is also the opportunity and possibility of representing our country in the Olympics some day. There is a defined Pathway from the novice, the whole way to the top.

For example, three juniors, Jamie Holcraft, Billy Conroy and Cian McLoughlin, who only started shooting Leinster League two/three years ago, represented Ireland at International Level in Sporting Shooting in 2015.


2016 AGM:

The AGM of the Leinster League (ICPSA) was held on 20 Jan 2016 at the ICPSA s National Shooting Grounds in Ashbourne.

The new Leinster League Committee for 2016 is as follows:

Chairman: Dick Conroy

Treasurer: John Lee

Secretary: Bill O Brien

Stats Officer: John Lee (acting)

Committee: Nicola Kearns, Anne, Moore, Gerry Kearns, plus 1 rep from each club/Team entered.

Billy Kearns, who had been Chairman for the past few years stepped down, and the committee passed a motion of thanks and appreciation for his contribution to the League over that time and in the many years before that. Billy was high gun of the League in 1998 and 2008, and was runner up on numerous occasions. He has shot on many occasions for Ireland at Senior and Veteran Levels in English Sporting and FITASC, since 1979.

To get more information or to enter a club or a team or just as an individual,
you are very welcome to make contact with me

Dick Conroy
Mobile: 087 250 3543


Is feidir linn




2015 The Grand Final was held at Lakelands 23 May

Started with a 50 bird Fun Shoot for Charity.
Pool Shoot
Then BBQ and presentation of Prizes for 2015

This was an Open Shoot all welcome - net proceeds go to Charity.
The selected Charity for 2015 was the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association.

The League and the ICPSA are grateful to Lakelands and the Kirwan family for their generous sponsorship of the 2015 League Grande Finale.

Summary Leinster League 2015 - Results

Place Club
1st. Lakelands
2nd. Cedarbrook CTC
3rd. Bray
4th. Ballivor
5th. Knockbrack

Individual Section:

High Gun (Scratch) Robbie Deveraux (the Fintan O Brien Challenge Trophy)

High Gun (H/Cap) Will Smith (new Trophy)


1st Linda Cleary

2nd Nicola Kearns


1st Billy Kearns

2nd James Gilsenan

3rd Pat Cleary


1st Cian McLoughlin

2nd Ciaran Hoare

3rd Billy Conroy

Class AA

1st Larry Mooney

2nd Bernard Aughey

3rd Conan Kelly

Class A

1st Michael Bradley

2nd John Lee

3rd Tony Duffy

Class B

1st Richie McLoughlin

2nd Anne Moore

3rd Ann Mahon

Class C

1st Jim Bradley


For detailed results by shooter and full League Table
go to................
look under..................... "Club-Leagues" tab
and then click............................. "The Leinster League"


- Any queries at all,
contact your Club's Leinster League Captain / rep
or contact the committee. (see details below)

ARCHIVE old Results and Notices

In 2014 following the Grand Final in Knockbrack, a sum of 500 euro was donated to the Simon Community for the homeless

On Sat 22-June 2013 the FINAL was held at Lakelands, plus prizegiving, plus BBQ,
plus a Charity Fund Raiser Shoot including a 2-person Flush.

A very enjoyable finale to a great and sociable league for 2013.
Lakelands did us all proud.

During the League and the Final a total of 1000 euros was raised for the Children's Medical Research Foundation at Our Ladys Children's Hospital, Crumlin.


Leinster League - General AIMS:
The aim of the Leinster League competition is to promote Clay Pigeon Shooting, to improve the standard of shooting for both beginners and seasoned shooters, to promote start-up clubs and help improve existing ones, to encourage and support Juniors and one day see them shoot for Ireland. This is all carried out in a helpful and friendly environment where coaching is encouraged during the competitions.

It is a feeder competition where people can begin to enjoy shooting and then, if they wish, move onto National Registered Shoot competitions, and eventually onto National Teams and even onto Olympic competition standard.


History of LL Leinster League

The Sporting Version was setup around 1979.
A DTL version was in place from 1935 to about 1960.

It was originally run on a Home and Away basis.
It now also includes COMPAK, and may have some DTL on an introductory basis in 2016.

This Inter-Club league was revived for English Sporting in the 1970's by ICPSA shooters like Des Foley who saw the need for more competition opportunities and a way of bringing more people into Clay shooting and enlarging the pool of shooter from which to pick a team, as well as improving the overall standard of shooting, so as to improve the quality of the National Sporting team.

There was a lull between 1989 and 1993 and the League was re-started by the LCPSA in 1994.

In 2002, the League fell by the wayside once again.
It was re-started again by the LCPSA Committee who called and ran the League's EGM that year, on the 30th October 2002.
This meeting was chaired by the Hon. Secretary of the LCPSA.
This meeting re-established the operating principles and reporting rules of the Leinster League, which continued to copy their meeting minutes to the LCPSA. Minutes of this and subsequent meetings in 2002 are available.

The league expanded greatly during the Celtic Tiger years.

In summary: There was a split.
Clubs remaining within the ICPSA continued running the Leinster League as they had before.
Other Clubs continued separately to run their one, and very successfully. We wish them well in their endeavours.


Membership of the ICTSA can now be done online on www.ICTSA.IE



Contact: the committee of the Leinster League

Mobile: 087 250 3543

Email: | Leinster League
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